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grapes harvested from our vineyards
gino ferri owner ferri vini
Lorenzo son irons traditional Frascati wines
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The origins of the Ferri Winery date back to the 1950s, at a time when Italy found new lymph from the parched soil of the war. It is from the countryside that Alessandro Ferri laid the foundations for a reality that has been handed down from generation to generation, until today.

Every long journey begins with the first step. For Alessandro it was the fruit stand with grapes and wine from the “bombino” vine that he himself produced. That same vine is still cultivated, confirming the roots, which despite being hidden, always support the tree.

Alessandro, in his love for the products of the earth, acquired land in the Castelli Romani area and assigned it to the cultivation of grapes and other vegetables. With the succession of generations, even Gino, his son, gathered his father's experience and, having completed his agricultural studies, he began to supervise the cultivation of the same land entrusted to him by his father.

In 1983 precisely in Frascati, Gino Ferri, with the help of his father, was able to give substance to his greatest passion, they took up the profession of farmer and entrepreneur in the wine sector, he founded the Ferri company.

With dedication and hard work, wines were produced that managed to obtain prestigious national and international awards, which contributed to bring further prestige to the territory of Frascati and the Castelli Romani, already celebrated in the centuries ago.

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