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The Lazio region is highly heterogeneous. Between sea, hills, plains and extinct volcanoes, Lazio is one of the most prosperous Italian regions for viticulture. It is mostly a hill crop: in fact, more than 70% of the vineyards are located in the central belt of the region, with a strong concentration in the Castelli Romani area.

Located southeast of Rome, the Castelli Romani represent one of the most important natural areas in the region. The geographic area dedicated to the production of Frascati develops on the slopes of the northern slope of the Alban Hills, in an area that is adequately ventilated, bright and favorable to the fulfillment of all the vegetative-productive functions of the vineyards. The soils, of volcanic origin, are mostly characterized by pozzolanic and tufaceous stratifications. In these soils there is always a large presence of water and, on the surface, they are characterized by a clayey texture with a low sodium content; therefore, these are perfect soils for the vine.

And it is in this terroir, where the company center develops, that the hills and valleys seem to almost embrace the numerous rows of vines, where the olive trees, ordered and distinct, are interspersed with spacious avenues.


The land, arranged in hilly areas open to the prolonged action of sunlight, is characterized by espalier systems aimed at favoring the Guyot, a method that favors the growth of the plant and fruiting, especially as regards the Bombino, emblematic of the Lazio region. The other vines grown on the farm are Chardonnay, with a wide range of smells, flavors and colors, Viognier, with an aromatic, tropical and straw-colored bouquet, and finally, Malvasia del Lazio, typical of the hills of Castelli Romani and cultivated with good solar exposures, with medium and constant yields. Viognier is bred with a spurred cordon system, which uses short pruning and allows a lower yield per plant and a greater concentration.

That said, the amenity of the Frascati area also resides in the healthiness of the air and its verdant spaces. Originally, it was written that Frascati (Tuscolum) "for the size of its extension, the copy of the grapes and the various kinds of fruit, it seems that it is second to none of the many suburbs that surround Rome".

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