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The peculiarity of the company lies in the primary objective of advancing tradition and innovation in parallel. In this regard, in addition to the machine harvest, the winemaking process is also supported by the hand selection of the grapes, in order to ensure quality and value.

The spacious cellar, equipped with the most modern equipment used for winemaking techniques, is able to ensure a variety in the operating methods required by the different objectives set.

By means of the vinification operations, which take place directly in the property's wine cellar, the aromas and smells of each product are preserved in quality and quantity.

These procedures are evidence of the care used, these include: destemming-crushing, pressing, static clarification, addition of selected yeasts, thermocontrolled alcoholic fermentation, continuous quality control, the bâtonnage technique, refinement in stainless steel, culminating with the assembly process and bottling.

1543786981955 BW.jpg
frascati harvest
pressed grape wine
winemaking in frascati lazio

Each operation is also "personalized" with regard to the different types of product, each of which contributes in its indisputable individuality to enhance the peculiarity of the place of production.

This development is ensured by the patient and tenacious entrepreneurial management of the owner, who verifies the quality of the product, established case by case by specific oenological objectives. From the pruning operation, dry and green, and from the guided phytosanitary defense interventions, up to the harvest, carried out according to phenolic ripeness indices, meticulousness and accuracy in supervising the winemaking process are manifested.

The resulting result is as valuable as it is genuine.

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